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Grandma Colonnese’s Traditional Spaghetti Gravy

In Pasta, Sauces and Dips on November 17, 2009 at 1:09 pm

When my mother passed away, two days before their anniversary, she and my dad had been married almost 15 years.

While I doubt he ever got over the shock, my dad stepped into the role of single parent and, all things considered, he did a pretty good job. As we moved through those first weeks, one thing that became apparent was that he didn’t really know how to feed two growing daughters … [read more]

From The Perfect Pantry (guest post by Sarah Hutt)


Zchoog-inspired Middle Eastern Hot Sauce on Kofta with Greens

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John has a new colleague at work from Israel. He came over to our house during a work function, and while we were discussing the cookies I had made I sensed that he and his wife enjoyed cooking. I also suspected he could be a goldmine for recipes … [read more]

From The Spiced Life

Cranberry and Apple Crumble

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My friend R. and I were chatting about food while cleaning up in the kitchen after dinner. Then, I told him: “Tu sais, ça fait des années que je veux voir la récolte des canneberges,” (You know, it’s been years since I wanted to see the harvest of cranberries).

“Ah bon ?” he exclaimed, surprised … [read more]

From La Tartine Gourmande

Deep Fried Anchovies with Chilli and Preserved Lime Mayo

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I rarely come across fresh anchovies, so when I spotted some in a local fishmonger (Moxon’s in East Dulwich), I greedily snapped up three big handfuls, cheap as chips at £2.something for the lot. Being an anchovy obsessive, the thought of eating them in a new way was almost a bit much for me; I couldn’t get home fast enough … [read more]

From Food Stories

Veal with Sauteed Dandelion Greens and Cream of Wild Mushroom Sauce

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New Jersey, it’s like a cross-section of the entire United States stuffed into a very small area — fenced-in by heavy industry, ugly sub-divisions, peaceful tidal bays and relaxing shore towns — but with its own very distinct character. And, if you drive around it long enough, you’re bound to see some pretty interesting stuff. This goes for the social and the edible, as well as the geographic and architectural … [read more]

From We Are Never Full

Skordalia with Roasted Beets

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Skordalia. Skor-dahl-YA. Please say it with me, because it is a word one should know, use, and use often. It is from the Greek skordalia, in case you were wondering … [read more]

From Food for the Thoughtless

Manchego Walnut Pesto

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Are you an artist, or an athlete?  A bookworm, or a thespian? A musician?  A scientist?

As toddlers, we’re encouraged to explore.  To use all of our senses, to make a mess, to try on each and every hat in the dress-up bin … [read more]

From 5 Second Rule

Butterflied Roast Chicken with Mustard Sauce

In Poultry, Sauces and Dips on September 29, 2009 at 8:24 am


It’s often said that the true test of a restaurant kitchen is roast chicken. This is because, for as simple as it looks, roasting a chicken well is ridiculously difficult. Just ask me, I know … [read more]

From Words to Eat By

Orchard Applesauce

In Fruits, Sauces and Dips on September 28, 2009 at 3:26 pm


Sunday was a busy day.

The kind of day that was just one project after another.

The kind of day that leaves you tired, but tired in a good kind of way. You know when you finish the day and your feet hurt and there’s dirt under your nails and bugs in your hair and your face is flushed with a pink glow cause you’ve spent most of the day in the sunshine? … [read more]

From The Cutting Edge of Ordinary

Arachhu Utta Sambar (Fresh Sambar)

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Aracchu utta sambar – The name is so musical it sounds like poetry rather than gibberish even if one does not know the language, doesn’t it? (The first word is similar in sound to Picchu as in Machu-Picchu!) I like mouthing it and listening to the words as they form on my lips and in my mind, because it brings back a sea of memories and the taste, smell and flavor of a warm kitchen.

I see my periamma’s face as she grinds the coconut, roasted pulses and aromatic coriander seeds in her aattu-kallu (grinding stone) … [read more]

From Tongue Ticklers