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Taffy Crabapples

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I am always amazed when stores start displaying Halloween merchandise in August. A part of me grunts “don’t rush it people! Enjoy the rest of the summer!” while I secretly start to giggle at the prospect of gobblins and witches knocking at the door on Halloween night. Halloween is not part of our rituals where I am from … [read more]

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Plaice et ses Petits Pois (for babies)

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Ian got so lucky to be born in the winter, because Autumn is just the best season ever for a person to taste food for the first time. People ask me when the perfect time of the year is to come to Lyon to visit, and hands down I always say Autumn. The vegetables we get at the end of summer are still out in their glory and even better, then come the big pumpkin-like squash varieties sold in thick wedges … [read more]

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Maple Pecan Popcorn

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Have you heard?  It’s autumn.  Officially autumn.  There may still be a few heirloom tomatoes resting on your counter, in all their shiny glory.  They might even be sitting next to a bowlful of downy peaches throwing off their luscious scent.  But, listen, the calendar is clear: it’s fall … [read more]

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Chinese Tea Eggs

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I was sitting in my office when a beautiful dame walked in. Alexandra from Chez Sven B&B in Cape Cod.

‘Looking for someone?’ I asked.
‘Just waiting.’
‘For Lefty or for Godot? It makes a difference’ … [read more]

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