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Rich Bread and Butter Pudding

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People of Britain, throw out your breadmakers and mircowaves! It’s official. People in this country have nothing to do. 2.38m are economically inactive. The number of people claiming benefits is 1.56 m. We will have to get used to having more time. Lashings of it … [read more]

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Simple Shakshuka

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Before we start discussing anything, I’d like to tell you right away what not to do when you make Shakshuka. Do not burn it!

OK, now let’s take a few steps back and start from the beginning … [read more]

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Key Lime Coconut Cheesecake

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I once created a dessert inspired by a body lotion I fell in love with one summer. It was a creamy Coconut Lime Verbena lotion, and as I slathered it over my body, with the seductively warm coconut scent mingling with the sweet floral citrus notes of the lime verbena, my mind wandered to dessert … [read more]

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Quiche with Crème Fraîche and Swiss Chard

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The weekend would begin with quiche. That was a given. My friend would pick me up at the San Francisco airport and before beginning our journey north, we would stop for breakfast. For quiche, that is … [read more]

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Chinese Tea Eggs

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I was sitting in my office when a beautiful dame walked in. Alexandra from Chez Sven B&B in Cape Cod.

‘Looking for someone?’ I asked.
‘Just waiting.’
‘For Lefty or for Godot? It makes a difference’ … [read more]

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Manchego Walnut Pesto

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Are you an artist, or an athlete?  A bookworm, or a thespian? A musician?  A scientist?

As toddlers, we’re encouraged to explore.  To use all of our senses, to make a mess, to try on each and every hat in the dress-up bin … [read more]

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Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

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I grew up on an island.  It sounds exotic, but it was anything but.  My island was a floating bridge away from Seattle and it was suburbia to the hilt.  It was safe and scenic, but it was also boring … [read more]

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Homemade Quark (Curd Cheese)

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Ask an English speaker about quark and they’re likely to tell you it’s a physics term that refers to some kind of subatomic particle. Murray Gell-Mann, who won a Nobel prize for his theory about quarks, chose the name because it was a nonsense word. He found it in James Joyce’s novel Finnegans Wake, where “Three quarks for Muster Mark” sounds rather poetic, even if it’s somewhat unintelligible.

A German speaker tends to have a truer love of quark, because in German quark refers to a curd cheese … [read more]

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Avocado Cream with Strawberry Sauce

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I have the feeling that at least half of my body is made of avocados. It is out of this world the amount of avocado that I have eaten in my life so far. Most of it as smoothie, what in Brazil we named as vitaminas … [read more]

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Chocolate Orange Tile with Orange Blossom Cream

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What to serve for dessert for 30 people? Even the most kitchen and food challenged amongst us could guess that a souffle was out. Simple classics like tiramisu were ruled out too as they ranked too high on the boring scale. It was a no as well to creme brulee, traditional pannacotta and other sweet treats that required ramekins, moulds or 30 containers that were the same size and shape … [read more]

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