What is Foodshots?

Foodshots is an online collaborative arts project that showcases the very best in food blogging. Everyone is welcome to contribute, but every nomination for entry will be reviewed. Foodshots is like a continually evolving cookery book that belongs on both the coffee tables and in the kitchens of food enthusiasts and chefs everywhere.

Our mission is to be a place where food bloggers meet each other and discover themselves through writing and images. It is a place where the experiences, personalities and moods of each contributor create a source of inspiration and celebrate the heart and soul of food blogging.

Foodshots is different from online food photography groups and galleries; it is a collection of the most evocative, exciting, quirky and interesting posts from the world of food blogging.

What are the entry requirements?

All entries in the Foodshots project combine the three elements of image(s), writing and an original recipe in a unique way to create a food blog post that is considerably more than the sum of its parts. Each entry to Foodshots should be considered as a snapshot of the individual personality and distinct characteristics of the blog it represents.

Each entry must therefore:

  • tell a story or give a voice to the food presented in the post;
  • combine quality in writing and image(s) to create a coherent whole;
  • include a well-crafted original recipe.

How are food blog posts selected to appear on Foodshots?

Entry is by invitation only. Readers are encouraged to nominate food blog posts that meet the entry requirements. All nominations will be reviewed and invitations will be sent to those that are successful. Self-nominations are also accepted and will be judged according to the same high standards of entry.

How do I nominate a post for entry to Foodshots?

Refer to the Foodshots nomination page for information on the details you will need to include in your nomination.

All nominations should be emailed to foodshots [dot] fs [at] googlemail [dot] com with ‘Nomination’ in the subject line.

Why do my nominations never appear on Foodshots?

There are several reasons why your nominations may be unsuccessful. Perhaps the invitation to appear on Foodshots was declined by the owner of your nominated post. Or perhaps your nomination was judged to be weak in one of the key areas of the entry requirements. Do remember that Foodshots is a celebration of the highest quality in food blogging. Successful nominations will ultimately be selected on the basis of personal decisions on whether or not the post fits with the artistic vision and philosophy of Foodshots.

Why must an entry include an original recipe? Can an entry just link to a recipe elsewhere instead?

No – a link to a recipe elsewhere in the internet is not sufficient for a successful entry to Foodshots. Firstly, this is to preserve the integrity of Foodshots against link rot (all entries must be complete in themselves without reliance on the maintenance of external websites for provision of a recipe). Secondly, this is because Foodshots considers careful recipe-writing to be an integral part of the very best in food blogging. Foodshots goes further than being a collection of restaurant and kitchen gadgetry reviews or food-themed anecdotes. An original recipe is therefore an essential part of the Foodshots entry requirements.

Can I leave comments on the Foodshots entries?

Yes, readers are welcome to leave constructive feedback on the photography, food blog writing and recipes of Foodshots entries. Please use polite language and be friendly – never leave a comment in anger or to insult. All comments are moderated and offending comments will be removed.

Can I use a photo from Foodshots?

Permission to use and copy photos is up to each individual photographer. You should contact the photographer directly. Never use or copy a photo from Foodshots without the permission of the photographer.

Who has the rights to my photos and text that are published on Foodshots?

All rights belong to the original copyright holder. Foodshots only claims the right to display your photo and an excerpt from your post with your permission on the Foodshots website. No photos or text will be displayed if the copyright owner declines or fails to respond to an invitation.

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