Melted Leek Coulis

In Sauces and Dips on September 1, 2009 at 6:05 pm

melted leek coulis

You think you know someone and then he surprises you.

For me, wishing to be married was like walking around thirsty all the time, and only getting gulps of lukewarm tap water once in awhile.

Finding the guy I would marry was like a long cool drink, in fast slurps at first (with stops for a moment to pant), and then long slow sips, knowing the well wasn’t going to run dry after all.

Now, it feels like floating down a river, the water always there, always moving, part of my breath, clear and there if I need to lean down my hand and have a drink.

And then I find a small pool of melted leek coulis … [read more]

From Gluten-Free Girl

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